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Shorter Posts. Personal Experience. More Grace.

After a one year hiatus, I’m back at it again. 
I published by last personal blog on January 11, 2015. It was my 100th blog over an 8 year period. And interestingly enough, I hit 30,000 page views with it. That seemed like a nice place to stop. Or pause. To recalibrate. To rest. Or something. So, I did. I took an entire year off from writing blogs. I was out of things to write about. I didn’t have all that much to say. So, I didn’t. 
I’ve decided to make some significant changes. First, I’m committed to writing shorter posts. 450 words max. Most of my blogs were between 1300-2500 words before. Those are not blogs. They are essays. That no one really reads. Sorry about that. Second, I’m committed to writing about personal experience instead of hot topic, theoretical, and theological subjects. And finally, I'm committed to writing with grace and humor as opposed to super serious, judgmental stuff.

I’ll be writing about things like husbanding and parenting and leading and getting me…