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Kingdoms Always Fail

I find world history and global geopolitics fascinating; it’s what I read about in my free time. And it is because of this that I have a confession to make: I have very little faith in the long term prospects of any empire.
Throughout history, kings have led nations and people groups to the height of power only to have that power vanquished by another king somewhere down the line. It’s a cycle that never ends. Somebody, somewhere is always grasping for more power and they will pursue it through imperial conquest if they have the means.

Ancient Mesopotamia was home to many of these empires. Egypt had multiple runs as the big kid on the block, as did Assyria and Babylon. Asia was also home to many powerful dynasties, including the 13th century Mongolian empire which spread over 20% of the world’s land mass and ruled over 1 out of every 4 people on earth. Then you have the European Empires run by the British, Ottomans, Spaniards, and Russians. And there are a hundred more.

For centuries…