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Alone in A Crowd: An Open Letter to Pastors

It was 2:00am. I couldn’t sleep. I decided to grab my phone and catch up on the current events from the day before, so I typed into my browser. Just below the main headline about the continued search for the Malaysian airlines flight was a heading that read:
“Mega church pastor admits affair, quits”.
Once again, a man who had set out to join with God in the restoration of all things had become all wrapped up in the brokenness before him, shaking the foundation of the lives of the people he loves and the foundation of a ministry he built from the ground up. And it was that simple. A man who was revered as a god-fearing visionary, leader, and shepherd by thousands one day before, was reduced to a headline. He just admitted his affair and walked away as the world caught on fire behind him. Unfortunately, for those who have grown up in this particular subculture, this is an all too familiar storyline. Astonishingly, 1,500 pastors leave the ministry every month due to moral failure…