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5 Ways to Disciple Your Kids

Families are the perfect environment for discipleship. But I think, like the people of Israel, there are dangers we may encounter along the way that can cause us to overlook our most important job as parents. Here are 5 things I think we can learn from Deuteronomy 6.
1 // Pass on your identity as delivered people
God didn’t want the people of Israel to stop passing down the story of how He delivered them from Egypt. In the same way, I think he wants us to build into our children a profound sense of a gospel identity.
2 // Teach them to chase the right thing
God wanted the Israelites to be aware that they would naturally teach their kids to chase after something – and to make sure it was the right thing. We all find ourselves in a constant struggle with how much emphasis to put on education, athletics, skills, approval, money, and comfort. These things can potentially be held up as gods to chase. But they can be regarded as gifts to steward too.
3 // Guard against the dangers of affluen…