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7 reasons why you should see the movie “Noah”

7 reasons why you should see the movie “Noah”
I'll admit I'm late to the party on this -- but only because I don't go to the theater. Redbox and I kind of have a thing. So I waited for months to see Russell Crowe as Noah and finally had the chance to watch it a few weeks ago. And I have 7 reasons why you should watch it too (or again).
First of all, I’ll say that I know that this movie was not received well by the majority of Christians that cared to post or talk about it. Because of that, you might be wondering why I am taking a different stand, and so late in the game. I am actually writing because I have been pretty concerned that Christians have been so offended by the movie; especially in light of the fact that I thought the movie did an excellent job of capturing the prevailing themes of the Genesis 1-6 story. It is concerning to me because I think several of the themes the movie highlighted desperately need to make their way into the discipleship pathways in our churc…