Brothers, Keep Chasing that Girl

In college, Lindsay and I used to drive home almost every weekend. We'd cut through the mountains
of Tennessee and through the beautiful city of Lexington. We'd get stuck in traffic in Cincinnati. Then, when we were close to home, we'd put on the song "My Town" and sing our little hearts out.

We had this fantasy - this dream - of a life lived out together in a small town that smells like fall, raising our kids to have that same feeling of pride in their hometown. That dream always felt like porch swings and swing sets, sidewalks and cookouts, freshly cut grass and pancakes. It felt like Saturday mornings and fire pits, friends and family, long walks and conversations. But the absolute best part of that dream was my brown eyed girl. It was waking up beside her every morning, kissing her just before I fall asleep each night.

I'm living that dream. She is my happiest place, my brightest day, my most stimulating conversation, my most anticipated sight, my strongest support beam, my favorite sound. Being with her is like watching a million sunrises over the Atlantic; its like smelling freshly baked cookies every evening.

But things come up. Bills become due. Jobs become stressful. Houses need cleaned. Yards need mowed. Errands need run. Children need raised.

In all the essentials tied up in this thing called living, it's easy to lose sight of the most important things. I often take this amazing woman for granted. I tend to stop chasing her because she isn't running away. And the irony is that in some way, everything I chase is for her. I want to impress her. I want to make her proud. But all she really wants is me. And all I really want is her.

So, I know your busy. But brothers, keep chasing that girl.

I'll end with some words of wisdom from Brad Paisley: "Love her like she's leaving, like it's all gonna end if you don't. Love her like she's leaving, and I guarantee she won't".


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