The 5 Traits of Fascinating People!

Fascinating people are a different breed and are therefore difficult to find. However, when you meet them they are almost irresistible. These are 5 traits of fascinating people. 

1) Be Genuinely Curious 

I find people fascinating when they are genuinely curious. They don't settle for asking questions everyone else asks. Instead, they ask questions that create space for open dialogue around interesting subjects. Of course, this is only possible when they...

2) Sincerely Listen

I find people fascinating when they look you in the eyes and value what you have to say. They tend to see every conversation as an opportunity to learn new things about someone or something. To sincerely listen means to be more concerned about the other person than how they are perceiving you. Fascinating people aren't interested in self preservation which is why they can...

3) Demonstrate Vulnerability

I find people fascinating when they have a raw and unbridled devotion to authenticity. They are open about their shortcomings and flaws but aren't afraid to carry themselves with confidence in spheres where they have insight. They don't have an image they want to project. They only want to be themselves. I find this usually comes with an inspiring type of humility. They have enough self awareness to know they aren't better than the next person. And that allows them to offer the gift of being...

4) Open Minded

I find people fascinating when they are not nervous or offended by ideas they don't necessarily agree with. They are passionate about their search for truth and refuse to assume they already have it completely captured. They seem to value learning in a way that inspires you to do the same. It feels like they have a...

5) Childlike approach to life

I find people fascinating when they have a sincere zeal for the day. They don't have a naive perspective of the world; they simply choose to embrace the new possibilities and deal honestly with the hardships they face.

Maybe it all boils down to this: people are fascinating when they live others-centered. I tend to live self-centered. What if we all lived with a focus on other people? It would make the world much more fascinating. And more whole. 


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