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5 Traits of Fascinating People

Fascinating people are a different breed and are therefore difficult to find. But when you do meet them, they are almost irresistible -- they are great to be around. These are 5 traits I find fascinating in people. 
1) Ask compelling, open-ended questions
I find people fascinating when they don't settle for asking questions everyone else asks. Instead, they ask questions that create space for open dialogue around interesting subjects.
2) Sincerely Listen
I find people fascinating when they look you in the eyes and value what you have to say. They tend to see every conversation as an opportunity to learn new things about someone or something
3) Demonstrate Vulnerability
I find people fascinating when they have a raw and unbridled devotion to authenticity. They are open about their shortcomings and flaws but aren't afraid to carry themselves with confidence in spheres where they have insight
4) Open Minded
I find people fascinating when they are not nervous or offended by ideas they…

Brothers, Keep Chasing that Girl

In college, Lindsay and I used to drive home almost every weekend. We'd cut through the mountains of Tennessee and through the beautiful city of Lexington. We'd get stuck in traffic in Cincinnati.

And I remember when we'd get close to home we'd put on the song "My Town" and well up with pride for the bittersweet city of Xenia.

We had this fantasy - this dream - of a life lived out together in a small town that smells like fall, raising our kids to have that same feeling of pride in their hometown. That dream always felt like porch swings and swing sets, sidewalks and cookouts, freshly cut grass and pancakes. It felt like Saturday mornings and fire pits, friends and family, long walks and conversations. But the absolute best part of that dream was my brown eyed girl. It was waking up beside her every morning, kissing her just before I fall asleep each night.

I'm living that dream. She is my happiest place, my brightest day, my most stimulating conversatio…

The Emptiness of Trying to Become Something

Everyone has an identity, something they are known for. I remember dreaming up all the things I wanted to be known for when I was young. I was sure I was going to be famous one day – probably as an athlete – and then at one point I realized I simply wasn't that great of a talent. Then I figured I would probably become a famous rapper – but that didn't work out for various reasons you can probably figure out.. At one point I decided I would probably make some kind of earth shattering scientific breakthrough that netted me a lot of money and a big name – and then I paid a friend $20 to put my name on his science fair project because I forgot to do one and “we” ended up making it all the way to the big time science fair show thing – and I became very scared that someone would ask me something about it because I knew absolutely nothing about science. Then I remember recording my first set of songs in a studio with “RETURN HOME” when I was 19 and thinking that all it was going to …