A Blank Canvas Called 'Tomorrow'

Try to think about what your life would be like if you didn’t have a worry in the world. Imagine that you didn’t have to fear anything at all. You wouldn’t have to concern yourself with questions like these:

Will this make me look fat?
Will people accept me?
Will grandma die from her cancer?
Will I have enough money to pay the bills?

What if you had eyes to see things for how beautiful they really are? You could hear the glory of God in every piece of music and every voice. You would wake up every morning feeling more refreshed than you’ve ever felt, with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Every friendship you had would be based on genuine love, no hidden agendas or drama. No politics, no games to play. No tension, no competition, no anger, no suspicion, and no guilt. The image of God would be stamped on us and it would be impossible not to see it in each other. Everything would be how it seemed. Every created thing would be like a well-tuned instrument joining in the song that has always been playing. Everything would be good. 

Tomorrow would be a blank canvas: loaded with potential and opportunity for us to create something beautifully suspended in the white space. Our Creator would inspire creativity with His sheer greatness. And we would fill the blank pages with worship. We would experience the signature of His creative genius in everything we saw, smelt, touched, tasted, and heard. We’d see the astonishing brilliance of His imagination – more enormous than galaxies, more intricate than atoms. We’d live in step with His Spirit. We’d be caretakers of His city. We’d run and laugh and play and think and create and love. Best of all, we’d be in His presence.

It’s what we all long for because it’s what we all lost. It’s what Jesus came to set in motion. It’s the good news the church is sent to proclaim. And it’s what Jesus will complete when He returns.

I want to learn to live in the rhythm of looking back at the garden, living in this moment, and looking ahead to the city. Shalom.


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