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Halloween, Horror Films, and Haunted Houses

I’d like to address a cultural issue that I believe the church is typically nervous about addressing. You know me... I'm not. And I’m willing to bet it’s a cultural issue that affects almost every single one of us. Should Christians celebrate the holiday known as Halloween and all the trappings that surround it?FYI, I believe Beggars night can serve as a good opportunity to meet your neighbors and be the light of Christ in your community - and yes, my daughters will be wearing Disney princess dresses.
Let’s start by seeking to firmly understand the origins of Halloween. The Celtic people who lived in the land that is now Ireland, Great Britain, and France, had a festival on October 31st every year called “Samhain”. It was the end of their calendar year, so it was something like our celebration of New Years Eve. The day marked the end of the summer and beginning of the winter (which symbolized darkness, cold, and death). Some said it was the end of the “lighter half” of the year a…

Are you really a Creationist?

The bible states emphatically, in its very first sentence, that the world was designed and created by God. Christians stand insistently behind this claim, as nothing could be more foundational than the truth that God created this beautiful universe we live in.

I have always strongly stood against theories that propose a purely physical cosmology. But have I always stood for creation? I have started to question whether things like recycling, nature conservation, specie preservation, pollution, deforestation, renewable resources, etc. have anything to do with my spirituality.
The American church is largely devoid of discussion surrounding environmental ethics – in fact, in some Christian environments these are seen as part of a certain ‘political agenda’ and therefore cast aside. While the government’s involvement in the enforcement of such ethics is a political issue, the idea of being good stewards of this earth is actually a spiritual one. Until a couple of years ago, I had always fe…

Marrying Jesus: Why Saying a Prayer is not Enough

Perhaps the biggest deception the western church has perpetuated is the idea that becoming a follower of Jesus is a one-time decision that may or may not affect anything else about your life. In reality, the invitation Jesus gives to those who are considering it requires a life-long commitment towards attaining a more profound intimacy. Below are five mind-shifts I think we need to make when we talk about discipleship, salvation, confession, etc.

Myth #1 // You can be a Christian without being a radical disciple
SHIFT: Radical discipleship is assumed by Jesus every time
There is never a half way moment with Jesus. He was always creating forks in the road for people who were ready to follow him to determine whether or not they were willing to give up everything to do so. If you remove radical discipleship from the equation, what you have is something that looks very different than the thing Jesus invites us into.
Myth #2 // Becoming a disciple is an event that happens

SHIFT: Becoming a …