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Are we too busy to disciple our kids?

I recently saw the NIV "Busy Family Bible" on the shelf at Ollies and had to take a picture of it. The tagline? “Daily inspiration even if you only have one minute.” Quite frankly, I was taken aback at first to think that someone would actually publish this – but it goes to show that the demand for tools that help us fit a little bit of God into our busy schedules is at an all-time high. When I got home I spent some time Googling and found that there is also one called “the busy mom’s bible” and “the busy life bible” – and yep, same tagline. Is this really where we are? And if so, how on earth did we get here?

In our culture, we wear busyness like a badge. It might even be suggested that the busier you are the more important you are. And since we have grown accustomed to this idea, it is often very difficult to counteract the paradigm that our culture glorifies. The truth is that everyone starts every day with the exact same amount of time: 24 hours. When it comes down to it…

I AM THIRTY: Things I wish I knew when I was 29

Today I turned thirty years old – and amid the deluge of cultural traditions that suggest this is some kind of turning of the page or coming of age event, I decided I should reflect on what it means to be thirty.
Randy Newman’s song “Strange Things” must have been about turning 30 – because strange things are happening to me. I’m finding that I’d rather listen to Beethoven or Berlioz in the car than almost anything else. Whenever I rent a car I find myself holding my breath hoping they still have a Toyota Camry when I arrive. And whenever I mow the grass I wonder how many people drive by and notice how green it looks. Water is my beverage of choice. And every time Kherington hitches a ride on my back I wake up sore the next morning. I am thirty.
Of course, this isn’t about the physical limitations of being 30 – I am a big fan of the major sports and realize that 30, like the first century Jews would say, is the height of strength and power. I could easily avoid the sore muscles if I…

Fire In My Bones

In the creation story from Genesis 1, one of the more overlooked themes is also one of the most prominent: the authority of God’s word. Everything He speaks happens – all of creation is subject to His voice. So, it comes as quite the shock in Genesis 3 when humans reject it. Ever since that moment we have continued down the same path, believing we could achieve or take hold of something outside of His design that would be better than what He intended. Only recently have my eyes been opened to see that God’s words have really not shaped my life as much as I thought they had.

The Holy Spirit has been teaching me this about myself. I have claimed for my entire adult life that scripture teaches us the best possible way to live, that the words of Jesus lead us into the life that really is life. But I don’t actually believe that. Don’t get me wrong, I sure do cognitively agree with the notion – but God’s words have not taken center stage in shaping my life. Surely we haven’t truly come to …

She's a Maneater: 5 reasons ministers are leaving 'the church' in record numbers

Every day men and women who had once felt commissioned by God to spend their life serving His church walk away from it. The statistics are staggering: anywhere from 60-80% of pastors leave full time ministry before they ever reach the 10 year mark. Many of these people don’t just quit their jobs; they lose all hope in the institutionalized church. Many go on to extend the kingdom in profound and creative ways. Others end up holding a deep disdain for anything remotely resembling the institutions that pushed them away. And still some who have been burned ‘stay’ but wrap themselves in the security blanket of isolation and routine. This is a devastating state of affairs.
Perhaps the greatest travesty in the western church is that we have so severely wounded and pushed away those who were most passionate about movement and reform. Why do the people who set out to serve us end up running from us? And why does the body of Christ not rush to these wounded ones to help them heal and recover …