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Would Jesus Wear Skinny Jeans?

4 principles for the fusion of church and culture

Would Jesus wear skinny jeans and a cardigan while listening to Mumford? Or would he continue rocking the traditional Jewish garb of his day? Perhaps he would only wear Ralph Lauren and listen exclusively to K-love. Or maybe he would wear a suit and prefer hymns.

The modern day church is fraught with controversy surrounding the fusion of church and culture. Many well- meaning people from diverse perspectives land in a variety of positions on polarizing issues -- and rightfully so since there is no clear line between what is sacred and secular. I would propose that we stop making this distinction all together. Labeling some areas of our lives ‘sacred’ and others ‘secular’ is a new idea in the scope of things. It is a dangerous idea too because it practically forces us into double standards. It encourages us to live in an unnatural state of tension, nervously trying to put everything we encounter into a nicely labeled box.
In order to ad…

135,000 Reasons to Trust God

The bible is laced with stories about great men and women who did amazing things. But in reality there is nothing great about them. They only got their names included in God’s story because they trusted God. I’m not talking about the type of trusting God that we typically associate ourselves with; these people did radical things.

We see a man building a giant boat in the middle of the plains with no rain in the forecast because God had warned him about an impending flood; a 75 year old man with no children leaving behind his relationships, security, identity, and home so God could make him into a great nation that would bless all families on earth; an 80 year old fugitive returning to his homeland, which happens to be the most powerful empire in the world, to face the king and demand that he release all the slave laborers in his kingdom because ‘God said so’; and a general carrying out a battle plan that consisted of walking around fortified city walls repeatedly and singing so that…

If Jesus has to be first, I would like to be second (4 myths about church leadership)

Myth #1 / I am the head of Christ’s body

We are becoming obsessed with church leadership. Entire movements and organizations have been built on teaching people how to become better leaders. I got caught up in this culture for a long time. It is one that relies heavily on the sentiment that every local church needs a strong visionary leader at its forefront in order to be successful – a sort of Moses if you will. But Moses never wanted the job in the first place. He didn’t feel qualified and the truth is that He wasn’t. However, that is precisely the point. The people who play the most significant roles in the story are typically those that didn’t really do anything of themselves. Rather, God accomplished things through them that they clearly could have never done on their own strength.
What every local church needs is leaders who are becoming increasingly dependent upon the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives and who submit to the headship of Jesus. Nearly every church leader would…