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Sex. Influence. Dreams.

How many things do you see every day that you have never actually observed? Our brains process countless pieces of information every second, so the common and ordinary things in our surroundings often fail to make it to the forefront of our thought process. Yet normative things are extraordinarily powerful in shaping our principal perspective on life. Entire lifestyles and worldviews are constructed on what we see but never observe. The trouble is this: we have grown so accustomed to seeing things that don’t align with truth that we don’t even notice how much they are negatively affecting our worldviews anymore.
What we choose to look at has something to do with our inward condition. The eyes are a gateway to our heart – and once our heart has been exposed to dysfunction it can easily develop into a deadly condition called ‘lust’. Lust is, by definition, misplaced desire. It is channeling the craving intended for our Creator to the things He created. And as a photograph blown out of p…

Count The Stars (Look Up)

I have been noticing lately that when the gospel writers record Jesus’ prayers, they often say ‘He looked up’ as He prayed. This is interesting. After all, most people in our culture connect ‘prayer’ with bowing your head and closing your eyes… strangely opposite of how Jesus prayed. I also noticed that every time I bow my head and close my eyes I get a little dizzy and then all I end up thinking about is why I feel like that. So I decided that I would try looking up and keeping my eyes open while I prayed. I tried it in my office and it didn’t really seem that helpful; all I could really think about was the ceiling (and I don’t work in St. Peter’s Basilica). I started asking myself why Jesus might do such a thing.
The Torah makes it clear in the creation account that God’s presence hovers over the whole earth, that He is intimately interactive with His creation. I have come to believe that heaven is not so much a place in the sky, rather an alternative reality that envelopes His en…