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Jay Z, Eminem, Me.

I started writing music when I was 13 years old. I wrote rap songs daily – I even recorded several. When Eminem came along it gave me hope that perhaps I could break through. I had vision. I had boldness. All my jeans were baggy. I thought I was the next big thing. I was writing because I had something to say… I just didn’t know what it was. Perhaps many artists begin their journey this way. A few years back I found a book with a lot of old poems I had written and as I read through them I felt a sense of embarrassment mixed-up together with some gratitude. After all, it was while experimenting with rap music that I learned to write. While I’ve long since abandoned, deleted, or lost the original works, I carry them with me every time I put pen to paper.

Rap music tends to be the genre in which the most words are spoken and the fewest things are ever said… but I still loved it. According to Jay-Z, rap done correctly can plant dissonance in your head – confront people with unresolved l…

The Epic Journey

Epic TV shows have shown me something about following Jesus. Allow me to explain.

Music has the ability to take us to places silence cannot. It can induce many different feelings in us like hope, fear, reflection, anticipation, resolve, or sadness. Some time ago, TV show and movie producers figured this out and began to supplement the action on the screen with whatever music induced the type of emotion they hoped the viewer would feel. It works. There have been many moments that while watching TV I have been overwhelmed with emotion, captivated by the story so much so that it feels like I have a stake in it. I’m sure this resonates with some.

In those epic moments, when our hearts are beating fast and our emotions are running high, it’s easy to notice how much we care about the story we are watching. But we aren’t really just watching it, we’re invested in it. We actively hope for certain things. We hope certain characters succeed. We hope other characters lose. We hope she realizes …