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The Modern Family

Homosexuality is one of the most polarizing issues in our world. The gay rights movement has been one of the most successful movements in recent memory, nailing their strategy of swinging the pendulum of an entire culture from “it’s unnatural” to “it’s completely normal” - from “we can’t talk about that” to “we see that every day” – all in less than 30 years. Homosexuality is also one of the most difficult issues to address in America because the minute anyone asks questions about it, they are profiled as close minded and unintelligent, ridiculed for holding such an ‘old fashioned’ view. It has gotten to a point where very few people will voice their opposition to the movement for fear of who they might offend or how they might be ridiculed.

I am not going to talk about homosexuals here; rather homosexuality. After all, one of the strokes of genius for the gay rights movement was to make it impossible to talk about the issue of homosexuality apart from “attacking” real people. Their s…

The Masquerade

I have spent a lot of time around musicians and music lovers, I consider myself both of those things. And if you hang around those types for very long, you eventually come across a person that listens almost exclusively to indie music, sometimes labeled a hipster. I know there is a shirt for these people that says, “I listen to bands that don’t exist yet”, and that is truly their sentiment. They like to be aware of the bands that no one else knows about and take pride in bragging about it constantly. But something very interesting happens when one of the indie bands they like signs with a major record label. Almost immediately they un-fan themselves and will probably hate the next CD the band puts out. They’ll say things like, “they used to sound raw but now they sound too produced” which actually means, “they used to record with really crappy equipment and now they use really professional equipment”. And you’ll also hear them say,” They sold out”. And when they say they sold out, wh…