The Fatal Fling

Jesus was before all things. He was the very vehicle through which the world was created. He was with God. He was God. Everything that was created was created for Him. Everything that was designed was designed by Him. Every good thing has come into existence by the power of His voice. He holds the universe together – sustaining in a single moment the movement of every cosmic event, the breath of every living thing. In Him, the fullness of God’s glory lives. The fabric of every thing we see has His fingerprints on it – even the things we cannot see were His idea. Nothing exists apart from Him. Whether things on earth, under the earth, or in the sky. He told the mountains how high to grow – the eagle how high to fly -- the rivers how far to run – the sun how bright to shine – the earth which direction to move – photosynthesis, precipitation, molecular biology, spontaneous combustion. Every system reflects His superior knowledge -- every field of study ultimately leads back to Him. He is the center of all things. You were created by Him, for Him

And in the beginning it was evident that life with Him was the most beautiful form. We are the expressed creativity of the eternal God, crafted in His own image. Invited to enjoy His magnificent creation alongside Him – submitting our deepest desires to Him – finding our satisfaction in our relationships with Him. But we have all decided in our own lives, in our own way, in our own space and time, to not live according to that image. We all started sneaking around, spending the night in places we shouldn’t – chasing dreams down roads with no outlets. And like every relationship where there is a cheater or a liar, things began to fall apart. Some of us decided it would be best to continue sneaking around, trying to cover our tracks hoping he wouldn’t find out. We convinced ourselves it was just a fling. But after a while it was too difficult to live a lie… so we told God that we didn’t love Him anymore, instead we loved the things he had given us. We’d rather give our love to things that couldn’t love us back… we’d rather invest our value into the things that could never make us feel valuable… we’d rather try to fill ourselves up with empty things. So we ripped up the marriage certificate and replaced it with the divorce papers… we signed them, mailed them, and walked away.

We were now free to act on our desires for created things… and we enjoyed every moment. We gave ourselves completely over to our pursuit of status, wealth, and happiness. We had everything, or so we thought. We became intimate with things that couldn’t produce any fruit -- it was a match made in hell. And after a while, we felt like hell. Something was missing – but it was more than just a little tinge – it was obvious. We became desperate for the love we were created to experience… but we couldn’t find it anywhere. It was obvious that in the fabric of humanity a desire for God is hemmed. It is the most profound of our desires – and our heart grows cold with the most obnoxious pain when it loses it. So in a state of utter desolation, humanity sat down on a rock, cold and naked, lost and scared – with tears in our eyes and tension in our chest we cried out for the designer to re-work us, to put us back together.

So he heard our cry – and did the unthinkable – he became a part of that humanity. He taught us how to live, walked and talked with the ones he came to save. He lived like we were always supposed to – in complete communion with the Father. With complete understanding of how the world works, He showed us the best possible way to live. In a world full of darkness and desperation, He blasted His eternal light. He filled hopeless eyes with hope. He unlocked the gates of those who were bound in captivity and slavery and set them free. He brought good news for the poor. And then he took all our pain, all of our bad decisions, all of our conscious attempts at running away from Him, and all of the shame that comes with those things - upon his shoulders. He carried the weight of sin. And in doing so he re-invited us into the kind of life we were intended to live. He gave us the freedom to experience life for what it truly is – an opportunity to live fully in communion with our beloved Creator. He called us away from dysfunction – and invited us to begin producing the kind of fruit borne out of functionality.

Into a fractured world He speaks: “I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. You can come back to the Father through me. Look, I am making all things new”.


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