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3 Reasons Why Our Ideas about God are Probably Wrong

Navigating the landscape of Christianity often feels like standing in front of these signs. Everywhere you look it seems like another Jesus follower has a different take than you. As I will argue below, the best thing to do is figure out what your non-negotiable beliefs are and then be open to the rest. These are 3 reasons why many of us probably have flawed ideas about God and all three support each other:

1) Our ideas may not actually be informed by scripture
If we are honest with ourselves, all of our beliefs are not informed by scripture – many are simply opinions. We are all victims of our context and experience – these things shape us even more than we can imagine. We are influenced seriously by the voices we choose to listen to, the preachers we give credibility to, and the authors that write the books we read. And while I believe that I’ve made the right interpretations on matters of opinion, all the people who disagree with my opinions would say the same thing of themselves. A…

Every Canvas is Black: Reflections on Songwriting

I have been writing songs for over 15 years now. During that time I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to write a good piece – but it’s such an elusive task. And while I have written a lot of songs, I’ve never sat down to assimilate my thoughts on the subject. So, here are a few of my reflections on songwriting:

1) Express Something Meaningful
I’ve never wanted to write a song about nothing. After all, the basic impulse towards writing music is an urge to express something. Many times in my life I have sat down to write for the sake of writing only to realize I have nothing to say. Music is an indelible force suspended in space, created by God Himself to help us interact with the world on a more profound level. It’s like nothing else in the universe. The reason for writing is paramount; the best of which is to express something you couldn’t otherwise.

“The city is built / to music, and therefore never built at all / and therefore built forever” – Alfred Tennyson

“A work of art which di…

The Fatal Fling

Jesus was before all things. He was the very vehicle through which the world was created. He was with God. He was God. Everything that was created was created for Him. Everything that was designed was designed by Him. Every good thing has come into existence by the power of His voice. He holds the universe together – sustaining in a single moment the movement of every cosmic event, the breath of every living thing. In Him, the fullness of God’s glory lives. The fabric of every thing we see has His fingerprints on it – even the things we cannot see were His idea. Nothing exists apart from Him. Whether things on earth, under the earth, or in the sky. He told the mountains how high to grow – the eagle how high to fly -- the rivers how far to run – the sun how bright to shine – the earth which direction to move – photosynthesis, precipitation, molecular biology, spontaneous combustion. Every system reflects His superior knowledge -- every field of study ultimately leads back to Him. He i…