Response to Tragedy

The second half of 2012 had its share of tragedy – the Batman massacre, Benghazi, Hurricane Sandy, and Sandy Hook to name a few. All of this on top of the day to day tragedies that happen in war, human trafficking, and abortion. Evil is all around us.

I don’t really struggle with the questions some people have about why God allows these kinds of things to happen. I know we have been given free will and I know there are people who are far off from Christ who have a completely distorted view of life – and those two things form a dreadful combination at times. I believe the work of Jesus overcame the power of sin and death – and that in His resurrection both were dealt the fatal blow. I believe the Kingdom of God is spreading throughout the world like yeast in a loaf of bread – and I believe that the gates of death cannot prevail against it. I believe that if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. God the Father, through the work of Jesus, has begun and continues daily his work of reconciling all things to Himself and it is our privilege to join with Him in that work. And I believe the church will usher in the second coming of Jesus as we continue to reconcile and restore by allowing the Holy Spirit to move through us. But events like these make me long for the day when the new creation has fully arrived – when everything is how it should be and where sin and death are powerless and banned.

It sometimes feels like we are losing ground – like we are so far from a world where Jesus is exclusively King of all people. I sometimes feel like I want to shut my family inside our house and hide. In moments like these, I wish we could get out of this world. But Jesus has called us to be children of the light and the salt of the earth. And his words give me comfort to continue carrying out His work: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Longing for shalom, church rise up, Jesus come quickly.


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