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You have 9000 words…

The average person speaks between 6000-9000 words in a day, which makes it one of our most valuable assets. It can also be one of our most destructive vices. What if we began to use our mouths as the truly phenomenal tools they are to speak life and hope into the people that surround us? James says that our tongue is the rudder of our body; it directs the course for our entire lives. We have the power in our tongues to produce life in people or bring death to people.

Think about the way we use our mouths to produce death:

Sarcasm is a rhetorical device using a characterization of something or someone in order to express contempt for it. Also known as ‘being a jerk’. It is demeaning. It’s cutting off the limb someone has walked out on and watching them fall to the ground in front of a crowd while laughing hysterically at the fact that they were stupid enough to trust us. Sometimes they jump right back up, but they are not alright. It is possible we have truly hurt them and we’…

The Election

It is election season. Political ads run rampant on our television screens, bumper stickers and yard signs display the names of candidates that are hoping to obtain a political office, and people passionately use their right to speak freely about how they feel about the candidates. Candidates are traveling from city to city proclaiming their message, vying for the support of their audiences. We, the people, have the responsibility and privilege of electing a leader that will lead us as a people over the next four years. Voting is a heavy duty. It is a right we should feel honored to hold – a right many people have defended by sacrificing their very lives.

Most of us interact with politics thoughtfully. We tend to vote on the values and principles that have been passed down to us by those who have gone before us. Most of us have strong feelings about the role of government in the world and how it should interact with its people. If we are honest, most of us feel an allegiance to this …