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Scraping Your Knees on a Sidewalk

You can murder with your words. You can sleep with her in your mind. You can gossip in your heart. Or have an affair with your eyes. You can worship your commitments. You can lust over something your neighbor has. You can rage in your car. And you can start to think that porn is worth it. You can be overtaken with arrogance. You can be greedy with things you didn’t pay for. You can harbor bitterness in the name of “not trusting her again”. You can fail and you know you have.

There are close to 7 billion people living on this planet and not a single one can boast that they’ve lived perfectly, never messed up. But what determines, if anything, whether or not something is wrong or right? Who is to say that there aren’t people out there who have lived perfectly? What is perfection? And what is not?

Most of your friends would say it’s absolutely wrong to take the life of another human. Some of your friends would say it’s wrong to sleep with whoever you want, whenever you want. But only a…