She Dreamed of Paradise

There is an amazing lyric that says, “If the world was how it should be maybe I could get some sleep”.

If the world was how it should be? How should the world be?

I can barely imagine a world with no violence/disease /war/hate/crime/gossip/injustice/tragedy?

Try to think about what your life would be like if you didn’t have a worry in the world. Imagine that you didn’t have to fear anything at all. You wouldn’t have to concern yourself with if what you eat will make you fat or if what you wear will make you accepted or if your grandma will die from her cancer or if the car you’re riding in might end your life today.

What if you had eyes to see things for how beautiful they really are? You could hear the glory of God in every piece of music and every voice. You would wake up every morning feeling more refreshed than you’ve ever felt, with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Every friendship you had would be based on genuine love, no hidden agendas or drama. No politics, no games to play. Everything was how it seemed. Everything was good.

Welcome to Paradise. This is how the world should be.

In the beginning, God created everything and set history in motion. “Genesis” means beginning/starting point/origin, and it tells us a magnificent story about how it all got started, what God is like, and what it means to be human. It reveals the mind of a God who has an imagination more enormous than galaxies and more intricate than atoms. It reveals the heart of a God who is good to His very core. It unveils the wisdom of a God who sits supreme over all things. It’s the shotgun start to a beautiful story still unfolding before our eyes.

A newborn baby cries – mom & dad stand amazed as they watch the miracle of a new life beginning.
Creation is still happening.
A girl is soak and wet crying – hundreds of people are moved to tears, worshipping with all of heaven as they watch her come out of the water – they watch the miracle of a new life beginning.
Creation is still happening.

Close your eyes. Can you hear the sound of hope rising in the voices as they join together to proclaim the greatness of God. Can you feel the hope rising in your chest? Maybe all this time you’ve been alive, you’ve never grasped what it means to live. Maybe you’ve never rolled out of bed with God’s heart beating in your chest. Maybe you’ve never seen God in all His brilliance because your eyes are still closed. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Creation happened again in the resurrection of Jesus. The invitation of Jesus isn’t necessarily to come and die – you’re already dead. The invitation is to come and live. Maybe you’ve been trying to save your life when it’s already lost. If you were how you should be maybe you could get some sleep.

This is it. Jesus came to take everything that was dead and breathe life into it again. We are the creation He came to restore. You are the creation He came to restore.

Welcome to paradise. This is how the world should be.


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