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6 Drinks To A Son: A Powerful Parable

I was 18, an orphan, thrown around from house to house in the foster care system my entire life. I had been out on my own for about a year. It was 3am, I was drunk, and I was driving too fast on a curvy road right outside of Phoenix. I can’t tell you much else other than I saw headlights, heard a loud noise, felt a sensation like I was on fire, heard sirens, and the next thing I know I’m laying in a hospital bed.

Two men dressed in blue are standing by the door. I ask what’s going on. And as they begin to recount to me the events of that tragic morning, my heart begins to feel sick – terrified even – as they tell me the details. The driver of the other car was 17, not drunk, and driving home early from an all night event at his church because he wasn’t feeling too well. And he was dead. I cannot describe with words the horror that overwhelmed me in that moment – the full understanding that my stupidity, pride, and selfishness had cost someone my same age their life – his parents a so…