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“Get out of my closet”: A Parable of Apathy

Jesus and I had some mutual friends, so we were bound to cross paths sooner or later. I couldn’t tell you where I was or what I was doing when we first met, it was a casual encounter -- by happenstance at some point or another we were in the same room and exchanged “hello’s”. Most of my friends were much more enamored with Him than I ever was; they were extreme in their pursuit of becoming more like Him. I always thought the whole thing was strange. My friends would tell me about some of the things He said but sometimes I didn’t even agree with them – He seemed somewhat judgmental and kind of arrogant.

But after I started getting more exposure to Him, I noticed that His words did have a certain pull to them. I began to enjoy having conversations with Him – He never seemed satisfied to let the conversation stay on the surface, He genuinely wanted to know who I was and who I wanted to become. I started to realize that my friends had often misrepresented Him to me and that He was actually more genuine than anyone else I had ever met. He wasn’t judgmental at all. He wasn’t arrogant either. Over time I learned much more about Him and I too became enamored with Him. So, when I moved out of my parents house I asked Him if He wanted to grab an apartment together and become roommates. He was happy to do it!

The first few months were awesome. I loved having Him around. We would stay up late talking about life and discussing the deep questions of the universe. In that apartment I felt a freedom that I had never felt before. I wanted to become more like Him – I wanted His advice for living. I had never met someone with such a magnetic personality and such a full grasp on truth; I had never encountered someone with such a passion for life. I was ready to change.

Since we shared an apartment, I will describe what happened next in my life in terms of cleaning that apartment. He started by washing all the dishes and making sure there was nothing out of place. He straightened the pillows on the couch and dusted off the furniture. He ran the vacuum on the floor and sprayed some smelly good stuff around the house. I thought He was done.

But much to my surprise He was just getting started. He started by washing the windows and mopping the floor by hand. Then he grabbed a bucket of water and started washing down the walls and cleaned out the window seals. He got crazy when it came to cleaning the bathroom – all the soap-scum needed to go away and He scrubbed and scrubbed the tub until it was perfectly white again. He got behind the back of the toilet too. Then he started re painting all the trim white. I thought He was done.

But then He started taking everything out of the refrigerator and throwing away the outdated product. He scrubbed down the shelves. He started opening up all the cabinets and removing everything before washing every part of them down. Then he started asking me if I was sure I needed my toaster oven and blender. I told Him I did. He disagreed. I thought He was done.

But then He went too far. He started messing around in my garage, getting out all my tubs and sorting through my stuff. He wanted me to get rid of a lot of things I’d been holding onto for years. I knew I shouldn’t keep them but I fought with Him every step of the way. He got out the lockbox in my closet and started sorting through the most private of all my things. I felt like He was overstepping His boundaries but I couldn’t muster up the courage to tell Him I wanted Him to give me some space – so I decided to play Him and begin undoing all the things He did around the apartment. I was tired of changing. I was okay with a few changes here and there, but He wasn’t content to let me be myself. He wanted too much.

Jesus told me to forgive everyone of their offenses, but I wanted to hold on to the bitter feelings I had toward those who had wronged me

He told me to end disputes quickly, but I liked being able to talk to my friends about how terrible the other person was before revolving the matter

He told me that it would be better for me to get rid of the part of my life that causes me to sin than for my whole life to be destroyed, I didn’t believe Him

Jesus told me to feed the poor, clothe the naked, fight for the oppressed, but I just wanted to relax after a hard day at work

He told me not to judge, but how could he expect me to overlook the obvious stupidity of the people around me

He told me I’d have to deny myself, but I’m just naturally control oriented

He said follow me – I said “no”.


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