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Would Jesus Celebrate Halloween?

I’d like to address a cultural issue that I believe the church is typically nervous about addressing. You know me... I'm not. And I’m willing to bet it’s a cultural issue that affects almost every single one of us. Should Christians celebrate the holiday known as Halloween and all the trappings that surround it?FYI, I believe Beggars night can serve as a good opportunity to meet your neighbors and be the light of Christ in your community - and yes, my daughters will be wearing Disney princess dresses.
Let’s start with getting a firm understanding of where Halloween descended from. The Celtic people who lived in the land that is now Ireland, Great Britain, and France, had a festival on October 31st every year called “Samhain”. It was the end of their calendar year, so it was something like our celebration of New Years Eve. The day marked the end of the summer and beginning of the winter – which symbolized darkness and cold, and for them it had a lot to do with human death. Some sa…