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There are certain names that become inscribed on walls and written about in books. Their words carry a distinct weight because of the legacy they left to accompany them. These are people who spark constant change in whatever they do and wherever they go – the world is different because of them. They leave no doubt as to who they are and what they are here for. Their names become common, yet something about their lives mystically elevates them beyond everything else that we think of as common. They are indispensable. They are accelerators. They see the world in a different way. They ask a lot of questions. They aren’t satisfied with keeping things the way they are; but rather than focusing on the problems that exist they invest their time into finding solutions. They don’t love change, they simply see the need to move forward at any cost. 

And there are other names that get put in scrapbooks and tagged in photos. These are the names of people you met at the beach one summer; a week yo…

Fool me twice.. shame on me

When you know someone well and think, “I don’t want to be like them” are you judging them? I mean, you’ve obviously drawn that conclusion based on your perception of who they really are. When you see a pattern a behavior that remains constant throughout countless seasons of their life, are you wrong to assume they will probably continue in those patterns? If you see some major flaws in their life, is it okay to point them out… or is it okay for you to just stay silent about them? What about choosing to disconnect from them altogether? These are questions I have been wrestling with for a while now.

Christians often say, “Don’t judge”. Wait; are they judging other Christians when they say that? Regular people (I’ve resolved to calling them this since they hate “lost”, “unchristian”, “sinner”, “not born again”, “outsiders” “unregenerate”, and “hell mongers”) often say, “Christians are so judgmental”. I think that’s a pretty judgmental statement. Yet that is the word most used to describe…