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Jesus: Undercover Boss

Maybe you’ve seen the show, “Undercover Boss”. If you haven’t seen it, the concept is that the CEO/owner/president of a company takes an entry level position in their own company to see whether or not the mission of the company is being lived out by the employees in the day to day. One night, as Lindsay and I were watching it she raised the disturbing question about what would happen if Jesus did the undercover boss thing, and took an entry level position at any given church at any given time. I have to wonder if the people he’d be working with and preaching to would like Him very much at all.

In our student ministry, we taught a series last year called “Jesus who?” The whole purpose of the series was to expose some of our most deeply rooted misconceptions about who Jesus is, so we can divide what the gospels say about His life and ministry from what we’ve sort of added in to make Him easier to swallow. We picture a safe Jesus with flowing brown, flat ironed, hair that spoke gently an…

The 5 albums that changed my life

Several albums have made an impression on my life, but these are the ones that have influenced me more than all the others. Out of all the music I’ve ever listened to, these are the albums that have had the longest lasting impact.

#1 Hillsong United // In a Valley by the Sea

In October 2007, Lindsay and I left the church in Kokomo to begin a new adventure with CrossView. This was the same year Lindsay’s brother Chris was in Australia studying at Hillsong – and we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go visit him in Sydney during the 2 week period between the end of our time at Judson and the starting date at CrossView. We were worn out. There had never been a time in either of lives (and hasn’t been since) when we felt so overwhelmed and drained – our zeal for ministry was dissipating. But the trip to Australia would provide the breath of fresh air that we needed. During that trip, Hillsong was unveiling the songs from In a Valley by the Sea and we bought the CD, months be…