Grunge Series: Love

LOVE grabs you by the hand and asks you to dance. It strikes you as being transparently irresistible. You give it a shot. As your feet move back and forth to the music you become wrapped up in the beauty of it all. Like a waterfall, love flows from the very nature of the eternal God, who speaks value into you when no one else does; after all you were His idea. Chills run down your spine like electricity inside you, igniting some type of warmth you’ve never felt before. It’s like catching a glimpse of something much better than what you’ve always had, and feeling the overwhelming urge to sprint after it without hesitation. It’s like the longest hug on a bad day, safety in the middle of a war, a couch in the middle of a marathon. It’s the connection you were always created for, always craved, always chased after – never believing you’d actually find it. God is… love.


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