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I used to be a Christian…

I’ve struggled for a long time with the questions surrounding “how” someone becomes a “Christian”. I have been even more puzzled by the questions floating around in my mind about what qualities music and movies and lunchboxes must exhibit in order to become Christian. What exactly makes a bookstore Christian? If you take the “testa” out of the mint, is it still Christian? Is the computer I’m typing this on a Christian? How can I tell? These are ridiculous questions. But when did it become necessary to label inanimate objects “Christian” or “secular”? Are the mountains Christian? The grass? How about Coldplay’s music? Let’s examine.The word “Christian” is used three times in the entire bible. It’s what the people of Antioch, Greece first called people who claimed that Jesus was “the Christ”, a.k.a. “the anointed one” or “the messiah”. It was a vulgar name – a term used for mocking. It was like saying, “those weirdos follow that crazy dude that claimed to be God”. It was good to be iden…

Grunge Series: Beauty

BEAUTY invades your senses, inviting you to experience things the way you were always supposed to. It’s finding the signature of the creative genius in everything you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. It teaches you to appreciate the magnitude of microscopic details and how much they change everything about our human experience. Pessimism finds no resting place among the beautifully minded. They navigate the world of the invisible and find hope in the universe of our impossible – this is where God lives. It sees those things which are truly good. And it directs every ounce of attention to the matchless mastermind behind it all, aware that everything beautiful is meant to help us conceive of a God that stretches far beyond the reach of our vast imagination.

Grunge Series: Justice

JUSTICE is making things right. It’s having God’s eyes to see all the scattered pieces of the broken world, and God’s imagination to put everything back together again. Its end is shalom – or peaceful completeness. It’s doing whatever it takes to restore humans to the God who designed and longs for them. It sees excuses as exits along the highway, drawing us away from our purpose, convincing us that the comfort of a hotel room or the taste of a milkshake is worth more than world restoration. It’s storming the prison gates, stealing the keys, and releasing those who have been taken captive. Simply stated, it’s working with God to put the world back together again, restoring things to the way they are supposed to be. Justice is planting salvation, hope, freedom, and life into real people – its loving people the way God loves us.

Grunge Series: Love

LOVE grabs you by the hand and asks you to dance. It strikes you as being transparently irresistible. You give it a shot. As your feet move back and forth to the music you become wrapped up in the beauty of it all. Like a waterfall, love flows from the very nature of the eternal God, who speaks value into you when no one else does; after all you were His idea. Chills run down your spine like electricity inside you, igniting some type of warmth you’ve never felt before. It’s like catching a glimpse of something much better than what you’ve always had, and feeling the overwhelming urge to sprint after it without hesitation. It’s like the longest hug on a bad day, safety in the middle of a war, a couch in the middle of a marathon. It’s the connection you were always created for, always craved, always chased after – never believing you’d actually find it. God is… love.

Grunge Series: Salvation

SALVATION is new life springing from the most desolate heart. It’s finding the thing that’s been right in front of your eyes for so very long; sticks and flint on the coldest of nights. When the slightest spark glimmers off the wall of a heart that’s grown restless from mindless compliance, revolution begins. Suddenly the things God set deep inside us respond to the kind of life they’ve never seen before – it’s the beautiful transcription of a love story we’ve always known but could never put into words. Salvation steals us up from the grave as our chest begins to showcase the long lost sight of a beating heart. It feels like water against your skin; like fire rushing through your veins. In this moment you’re finally alive.

Grunge Series: Truth

TRUTH hits you in the face like water, reviving you from your sleep as you gasp for breath in the aftermath of your mundane existence being peeled away. It’s a colorful inception cutting through our cold and calloused hearts, taking root and exploding into life. It invites you to step out of the neighborhood of darkness into a universe of light. Your heart pounds in your chest as your senses alert your intellect, opening up your eyes to find the things you can finally see. You’ve been caged all this time, but the truth unlocks the door that will set you free to live the way you were created to live. It’s inhaling the breath of God, realizing for the first time that you’re completely unsure of how you lived without it before. Then realizing you never did.