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Hype = Worship ?

Have I fallen in love with experiencing God or fallen in love with God? This question has been stirring in my mind for a long time now. I will be honest & profess that I have often judged the spiritual depth of the people around me based on how they respond to the worship services we create rather than whether they are genuinely living out the teachings of Jesus. Our emotional response in worship is not an accurate way to assess how in tune with God we really are.

I find myself again sitting in the back of an auditorium while hundreds of students lift their hands & close their eyes as they belt out lyrics toward God that claim full life devotion. They have gathered here from different parts of the eastern coast to celebrate God together. Last night, hundreds of students re-devoted their lives to Jesus... the same way these kinds of events begin every year. By the end of the weekend, the students here will be fully energized about the life they desperately want to live at home…

The Irony of Drug Commercials

Someone close to me recently told me my blogs are too long. That’s fine. They were probably right. And in the wake of such a traumatic critique, I have determined to write blogs that even people with those attention disorders can read (sometimes). I have often wondered why drugs get advertised on television. They want me to ask my doctor if they are right for me. But if I have to recommend a drug to my doctor, I don’t think I want to take it. How does that conversation go down? “Here I wrote you a prescription”. “Oh no, I was really hoping to go with Advair – I love their commercials.” Like that’s the only thing that would discourage people. I could take a drug for my anxiety that can lead to kidney malfunction, urinary tract disorders, or lung problems. And in rare cases, I could die. Really? I thought the drug was supposed to ease up my anxiety? It would seem to me that it would either increase my worries or make me distinctly unaware of the impending death I am facing by taking it.…