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Mo money, mo problems.

If you’ve grown up in America, you are one of the richest people in the world. Most people reading this are in the top 5%. And like me, you were probably taught by the popular culture and its media that money makes the world go round. You were taught to love money, to pursue it with your life. You were challenged to get good grades in school so you could get into a good college so you could land a career in a lucrative business so you could have a lot of money some day. That money would then provide you with everything you ever wanted. Then, once you have accumulated a bunch of possessions and amassed a pile of money for your financial security, you die. This is difficult to swallow. The bible speaks a whole lot about money, so let’s examine what it has to say. During his sermon on the mount, Jesus talks about our pursuit of money and the things it provides (Matt 6). He makes statements like, “don’t store up for yourselves treasure on earth where things can be stolen or can rot”, “whe…