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Eating fish sticks in the middle of a revolution

Sometimes the strangest things happened when we weren’t around. Let me just explain what was going on in our lives when all of this went down. Jesus’ name was starting to become pretty well known down in Judea. So well known in fact that some of the religious leaders were starting to get a little worried. You’ve heard of John right? “The Baptist” I think you call him? Well, people were starting to see that we (Jesus’ disciples) were baptizing more people than even him. Jesus thought that it would be best to travel back home for a little while so that the religious people wouldn’t get too upset yet…The first strange thing that I remember about the journey is that it didn’t bother Jesus at all to walk through Samaria. I mean, yeah it’s the shortest way back home but most good Jews would rather swim a hundred miles up the Mediterranean Coast than walk through that terrible place. We always said they were half-breeds. Ever since the kingdom was divided shortly after Solomon died, they had…