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I’m Not That Important

Over the past several years I have found that the Jewish “Sabbath” is a foundational concept in a meaningful and healthy relationship with God. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much airtime in Christian circles other than the occasion reference to a Sunday morning worship service or a late afternoon nap. But at the heart of the Sabbath is a deep and transformational truth that I believe to be massively conflicting with the current American standard of life. First, I’ll confess that I have a slight obsession with first century Judaism and have read massive amounts of literature concerning their understanding of God and OT scripture. In terms of the Sabbath, I was always under the impression that Jews were to abide by a very strict set of rules on the Sabbath day. And while there are 39 categories of things that cannot be done on the Jewish Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night), you will never catch the true meaning by simply looking at them. The incentives for staying on the straight a…

Faith & Works & Obedience

I know this is going to offend some folks, but I don’t mind. I often hear the question, “what is the balance between faith and works?” I have heard a whole lot of people dispute that works have no bearing on whether or not we enter into the kingdom of heaven – sticking tight to their belief that our faith alone saves us. This conversation has disturbed me for quite some time. I cannot agree that how we choose to live has zero impact on our entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. This makes us move around in our seat a little bit because we’ve always been taught that there is nothing “we” could “do” to get to God. This is true. But there was something Jesus could do and He did it. Then he told us what “we” needed to “do” in order to gain access to eternal life. As we confess that Jesus is God, we typically use the 2 words “Lord” and “Savior”. We truly enjoy the savior part. It’s an amazing thought to consider that the eternal God stepped into human history to become sin for us. But the ot…

Jesus Who?

No one is more controversial than Him. No one is more loved and hated by so many. He has been the subject of countless songs sung, books written, pictures painted, and stories passed down. His birth was so influential that we use it to divide up history into 2 parts, before Him and after Him.

He’s on Urban Outfitter t-shirts that Ashton Kutcher wears like “Jesus is my homeboy”, and makes frequent guest appearances on TV shows like the Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, and the Colbert Report. Over 100 films have been made about Him, without a single full blooded Jew cast to play His part – and many recent major motion pictures like the Da Vinci Code, Nativity, and the Passion of the Christ have centered on Him. His name is used by people when they are angry without thought. And without hesitation, almost every successful comedian uses Jesus jokes to advance their career while tons of famous athletes have attributed their success to Him.

When it comes to music, John Lennon compared His…