What is truth?

What is truth? It’s hard to figure out while we sit in front of the flat screen. It seems like relativity grows with our TV shows and our constant fight between things that used to be clearly black and white, wrong and right. Someone once said that “there’s nothing new under the sun” – and as I hear about everything going wrong with our world, I’m reminded that without Jesus at the center of our lives, we will always be left with desperate hearts and empty hands.

Waking up is hard to do when everyone around you is sleeping. I’ve been chained up in the prison cell of my own laziness – I have a hard time ever coming into contact with truth so I’m left to define for myself what is true for me while everyone around me tells me I can’t really know what it is.

I’ve constantly wondered, will we ever let truth inside our house? Will we ever let it come and break off the chains that keep us confined to our own couches? Around here we talk a lot about revolution – we dream of what our cities might be like if we actually let the message of Jesus change us, if we let his truth unfold us, and if we let his light overcome our dark. We talk a lot about life and what it might be like if we let him take away all the things that destroy us. The truth is, everybody wants a revolution but very people want to change.

But letting the truth about Jesus fall over us without ever changing us is like standing in the rain without ever getting wet. It’s only possible with an umbrella. But we believe following Jesus means shaking off our umbrellas of comfort, convenience, security, and selfishness. And that first moment is kind of cold, the raindrops seem annoying at first– but after a few minutes you begin to feel free, like you’re not sure why you ever used an umbrella in the first place.

Truth sets us free. It finds us in the middle of our broken down lives and puts us back together again. It leads us into the life we were created to have. It urges us on, to respond from the epicenter of who we are to the greatness of God -- and without Jesus there is no truth, there is no life, and there is no way. So with all of our hearts, we will invite God to be among us, challenging us to live according to His purpose. We will seek the face of God, asking that he becomes our one and only desire.


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