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Get behind me computer

As I was driving to work a few weeks ago,  I was reminded that this was one of my “no computer days”. As I entered my office, I noticed that my computer was sitting in it’s normal place, at the center of my workspace. It has recently occurred to me that for most of us, like its place on our desks, the computer has become the center of our life at work & at home – this was a disturbing realization for me. If you’ve never had a “no computer day”, let me tell you firsthand how magnificently freeing it actually is. When I walk into work on a typical day, I am immediately bombarded with a list of things I never accomplished yesterday, which is soon accompanied by a bunch of things I didn’t know I’d have to do today – and after a full day on the computer I realize I really never accomplished anything of eternal value. This is my constant struggle with the to-do list on my legal pad, it always fills up with things that really aren’t very important but in the end somehow trump the things …