Why you care TOO MUCH about sports.

Lets say 1,000 kids sign up each year in Dayton to play little league, peewee football, soccer, or some other sport.

Only 40% of them go on to play high school sports. That’s 400 of the original 1,000.

Out of all the high school students who play sports only 1.5% play college sports. That’s .6% of the original group of 1000 – yep, just 6 players.

According to the NCAA, only 1% of college athletes make it to the professional level.

This means that every kid that starts out at a young age in athletics has somewhere around a .006 chance of using it as a money making skill -- that’s significantly less than 1 player from the original 1,000.

Yet we spend thousands of hours, drive hundreds of miles, and devote ridiculous amounts of attention to raising athletes. We encourage our children to play sports year round so they can become the best (and so does everyone else).

All the while, we abandon the things that are truly important in their lives – like being an important part of the body of Christ and working together with a group of people to complete His mission. If I had a penny for every time a kid misses church because they had practice or a game, I would be a very rich man. Nothing makes my heart burn more.

I don’t hate sports; I love them. I played them all throughout high school. I watch football every Sunday. I think they teach people a great deal about life. But Jesus is life.

I had a tie back in the day that said, “Basketball’s my game, Jesus is my life”, and I wish more people lived by that sentiment.

The challenge is for the church to begin to put your commitment where your mouth is.


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