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Scripture. Prayer. Community. Mission

One of the most challenging things to do spiritually is evaluate how connected with God you really are. Recently, it has been on mind a lot though -- and I have been trying to figure out if there is a group of questions you can ask to at least get you started. Here is what I have decided, and while the first two are like duh, and the third one is something we are typically aware of, I believe the fourth one is the major reason for why most of us are so unsure of our connection with God.
On a scale of 1-10 #1 - Am I spending a significant amount of time in scripture everyday, and allowing what I read to change my life?
#2 - Am I spending a significant amount of dedicated time to seeking the face of God through prayer everyday?
#3 - Am I accountable to anyone for my spiritual growth, spending a significant amount of time talking with them about what God is doing in my life, how I am struggling, and what I need prayer for?
#4 - Am I actively a part of a community that is devoted to working wi…