A movement is beginning to rise: a group of people who are conforming to the image of Jesus rather than the image of church. We refuse to chase after religion and tradition, instead we run hard to complete the mission we've been given by Jesus: to change the world. We can no longer be satisfied with checklists and moral obligations. It's not enough. There is an overwhelming cry deep inside us longing for something deeper, something real. Our hearts and minds have finally started to agree, that maybe chasing after God with every passionate element of our souls will breed a revolution in those around us. Maybe we can really make a difference in our friends that seem to care less and in a city that seems so set in their ways. Perhaps we could shine in the light of Jesus in a dark world, showing warmth to those who have only known what it means to be cold. Maybe together we could accomplish the things we thought impossible. Maybe together we could be the sparks that start the fires of revolution


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