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I think one of the most difficult things to understand about living out our faith is learning how to be lead by the Holy Spirit. Ironically, it's also one of the most critical. Let's talk about the Spirit. When Jesus is having His last dinner with the disciples in the late chapters of John, He tells them that when He goes the Spirit will come -- and it will actually be better than having Him with them. He tells a Pharisee named Nick at one point that the Holy Spirit is like the wind -- there is no telling where it comes from or where it blows. Paul tells us in Romans 8 that we are supposed to let the Holy Spirit lead us in our everyday lives. We know from various other places throughout scripture that the Holy Spirit can come upon us suddenly, but that He also lives inside us. Ephesians 2 says that the temple of the Holy Spirit is the body of followers who are built together into a communal structure, built around Jesus. The Holy Spirit is literally God in us, around us, worki…

Fruit and Vines

I spent 2 years of my life being drawn back to John 15, like Hurley’s winning lottery number in the smash TV series LOST, it continually appeared to me in strange places. I couldn’t run from it. One day last spring I was out in my backyard pruning my grapevine when all the sudden this whole thing made sense to me. There were dead branches on my vine and I couldn’t stand them – they really just got in the way and made the rest of the vine look bad. In fact, the majority of the branches were dead. So I cut them off, took them over to my fire pit and watched them burn. The good branches though, I pruned so they would be more effective in producing my grapes. This is exactly what happens in John 15.

So, as I stood there watching the fire burn up the branches, I walked over to my apple trees. It was hot, I was thirsty. If you have never had a fresh apple straight off the tree when you’re hot and desperately thirsty, you’ve missed out on one of the good parts of life. However, my mission fa…