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Getting Scripture Wrong

One of the most difficult tasks I foresee us having in student ministry, is convincing students how important it is to spend time reading scripture. It shouldn't be that hard, but it seems that for quite some time students have been watching their parents and the churches they attend treat scripture like a Christian handbook or a detailed explanation of all the rules Christians are supposed to follow. This is the scripture I knew for a long time. Before I would hit the sack, I would pick up my Bible and read a chapter or two, hoping that I would know more about what the Bible says when I was finished. I read the Bible in pursuit of knowledge. After all, don't we tell our children how important it is for them to know and memorize scripture? I was aiming for that. I am so incredibly aware that all those hours I spent reading the Bible before I went to bed did nothing to change my life or my perspective. I could quote you some stuff, but I didn't know why it mattered. I was p…