Single Minded in Pursuit of the King

There are so many distractions in this place. Every way I turn someone wants my attention, and they want yours too. We have families and friends alongside work schedules and recreational activity. We have to pay bills, go to the store and still find time to cook, clean, shower and all that. Life just won't stop. Sometimes I wonder how possible it even is to follow Jesus here and now… we're just so busy and tired.There was once a King of the biggest empire of his time… the wealthiest and most successful civilization in existence. He grew up just a lowly boy watching his dad's sheep, but now finds himself at the center of the affairs of the entire known world. He had it all at his fingertips: power and wealth, success and good fortune. But as we well know with wealth, power and advancement comes a busy schedule. I can't even imagine how much pressure he was under.War was always breaking out around him, his armies always in battle with the enemy. The strategy of warfare must have constantly been on his mind.The financial well being of his people was on his shoulders, so he had to ensure that things were running the way they needed to be running.

Everything in the world it seemed was dependant upon him.

Sometimes I feel like that. But I'm no King. I'm just a guy pursuing God's will for my life through ministry to students. I'm just a husband with a beautiful wife and a nice place to live. I'm just a 23 year old with a guitar and a piano writing some songs. I'm just small. But sometimes I still feel like the world is on my shoulders. Sometimes it has been sin weighing me down; other times it's been me not having the endurance to keep running. But I want to keep running more than anything. I want to know Jesus, and see Him for who He really is. I have to keep running towards being more like Him, pure and holy.

That's why I look to this king for wisdom. He kept running. Even when he had killed a man to cover up the fact that he slept with that man's wife, he repented and kept running. Even when the enemies looked like they were going to keep pushing until his armies would break, he kept running. Even when the entire world felt like it was crashing down on him, he kept running. He wanted to know YHWH and see Him for WHO HE IS.

The king said, "I'm single minded in pursuit of you; don't let me go away from your words. I have hidden your word in my heart so that I won't sin against you."

Often, we get so sidetracked by the things that we call life that we forget what real life is: being God's image, doing His will, for His glory. How I wish with everything that I am that one day I can truly say, "God, I'm single minded in pursuit of you". Quite honestly, I'm tired of pursuing everything else. I've wasted so many years trying to bring myself glory, working to make a name for myself… but now like Isaiah I want to say, "God, your name and renown are the desire of my soul!" I want to be like that. May we keep running, when life is perfect and when the sky is falling. In silence and in the loudest room. In our words, our actions and our thoughts God, may we be single minded in pursuit of you!


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