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I Can't See Past Myself

With each passing moment, it seems I become increasingly aware that any movement in Christ's church that is self centered and inward minded cannot be motivated by the heart of God. After all, the very basis of our faith is humility. Without humility it is impossible to live a sacrificial life, to love others unconditionally, to truly accept God's grace and to have a heart that burns for those who are lost. Humility lets us see past ourselves, and into a world that is full of despair, hopelessness and injustice. It allows us to truly understand that our lives are not tools through which we write our own stories, but tools in the hands of a sovereign, loving, just and holy God. Humility breaks down the wall of protection that we build around ourselves to prevent ourselves from getting hurt and shows us that a life lived with our own comfort and convenience in mind is a life that completely misses the point. Humility is what Christ had when he became a human and allowed himself t…

Single Minded in Pursuit of the King

There are so many distractions in this place. Every way I turn someone wants my attention, and they want yours too. We have families and friends alongside work schedules and recreational activity. We have to pay bills, go to the store and still find time to cook, clean, shower and all that. Life just won't stop. Sometimes I wonder how possible it even is to follow Jesus here and now… we're just so busy and tired.There was once a King of the biggest empire of his time… the wealthiest and most successful civilization in existence. He grew up just a lowly boy watching his dad's sheep, but now finds himself at the center of the affairs of the entire known world. He had it all at his fingertips: power and wealth, success and good fortune. But as we well know with wealth, power and advancement comes a busy schedule. I can't even imagine how much pressure he was under.War was always breaking out around him, his armies always in battle with the enemy. The strategy of warfare m…