Read through the gospels a few times, and you will see just how often Jesus walks around talking about the Kingdom of God. It seems at times, to be the only thing on his mind. The compares it to a number of things, like a man selling all that he has in order to buy a field that he finds a priceless treasure in; like a little leaven that is put into a bowl with some bread dough, and eventually penetrates every part of it; like a tiny seed that grows up to be a huge tree that provides a safe home for the birds; and like a net that a fisherman throws into a sea which captures lots of fish, but when it is dragged onto the shore only the good ones are kept. Jesus says that only certain people will inherit or see the Kingdom, like the poor in spirit and those who are persecuted for righteousness sake. He told his disciples that they had been given the ability to know the mystery of the Kingdom, but everyone else had to learn about it through parables. When he taught his disciples how to pray, he told them to pray that God's Kingdom would come, and that his will would be done on this earth as it is in heaven. The Kingdom of God is referred to in the future tense, but it is also now. The Kingdom of God is territory, but it's not land. The Kingdom of God is a movement that is so unstoppable that Jesus said even the gates of Hell couldn't stand against it. The Kingdom is people, but it's not about people. The Kingdom of God is only about one... the King. And the King is moving throughout the earth; he won't be stopped. The Kingdom is coming, the Kingdom is here. The King has invited us to join in his massive story that has been moving throughout history since the beginning of time... it doesn't start or end with you or me, and it will go on without you or me... but I choose to join his movement. Move me


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