In the Middle

Today I find myself in the middle of a broken down worldI hear stories of war. Some are fighting for freedom; some are fighting for hope. I see pictures of a far away land where people don't have clean drinking water, where aids attacks without sexual intercourse and where children are being abducted everyday.I read magazines that tell me about young girls who are being sold into slavery, young boys who are being forced into revolution.I watch myself as I feel too weak and tired to raise my hands in the heartfelt worship of a holy God, while people half way around the world raise their hands with strength in the face of death.I see entertainment shows that continually play on those 'larger than life' people who finally break down after living their life under the microscope of an entire nationI find myself living in a place where 'living' is defined by material things and where 'happiness' is the only thing you can't buy with a Mastercard.The rain beats against the window this morning, and I am at home watching the most recent episode of 'lost'. I have a blanket and I have food. I get to spend tonight hanging out with my beautiful wife. I am safe, warm and comfortable. Everything is alright in my life."but it is a dangerous thing to think that my world, is the world" - Rob BellToday, I am not in the middle of a broken down world. I see it. I hear it. I feel it. I know it. But most the time, I'm looking into a broken down world from my own.Can we change the world, when we're not in it?


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