Have you ever had one of those days that begged you to ask the question, "what in the world is wrong with my life?" I have. Everyone has. I don't know about you, but I would just assume not have those days. Obviously, no one likes to have a bad day. But lately I have been noticing a strange trend on these types of days: these are normally the days in which I fail to live out my life for the Kingdom of God. I find myself justifying my thoughts, my reactions and my motives by pointing to how rough it has been for me lately. Sometimes I make a conscious decision that on this day, I don't want to follow Jesus. I am finding out that when the sun is shining bright and when all is right in the world, it is pretty easy to follow Jesus. But when the storms roll in and when we start to get a little wet and cold, we find ourselves distancing ourselves from the words of Jesus. I am finding that our commitment to follow Jesus is found in these same moments. Moments of choice. Moments of sorrow. Moments of confusion and disappointment. Moments in which we feel completely justified in not following Jesus. When we have been wronged, and have felt the pains of injustice. When we have lost what we have always loved. When we feel like we are constantly fighting against that habit that always seems to beat us. When we break down. When our faith is challenged by circumstance, and our hope becomes tainted by confusion. When it would be easy to be comfortable, and more exciting to be someone else. When we don't feel like following Jesus.

These are the moments that define whether or not we really have faith. Do you?


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