My Most Prized Possession

I'm an American. I live in the Western world and I have alot to do today. My life has become like my plate on Thanksgiving Day. My world is surrounded by expectations, commitments and obligations. I have no room for anything else.

Honestly, my world hinges on whether or not I have completed the tasks I set out to accomplish.

My world finds me in the middle. What I want and need is the most important; you come second. That's what my tv screen says...

My most prized possession is myself.

So when circumstances break you down today, I won't be stopping to help you out. I have better things to do... things for me. When you are in your hour of desperate need, I will just pass you by, look in the rearview and then go on with my life forgetting that I have just missed a most amazing opportunity to show you the love of Jesus.

Please leave me alone: I'm chasing the American Dream. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. -- It's found in the new Cadillac. I wish I could stop and pick you up, but I don't have the time today. I've got so much to do, places I have to see, people I must impress. For you are not the most important person to me, I hold that place of honor.

It's a good thing that we all only look out for ourselves, otherwise we would have to open up into community... we'd have to trust... we'd have to abandon the idea that we each live to make our own name known in this world... we'd have to redefine the American Dream.

"This ain't my American Dream, I want to live and die for bigger things. I'm tired of living for just me, this ain't my American Dream" - Switchfoot

May I live for something bigger: to make the name of Jesus known, and his love felt. Let my allegiance be to Jesus before a government, before any dream of selfish ambition, before myself.


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