I Watch the World

Everyday I watch the world. Some things make me laugh. Some things make me cry. Sometimes I'm scared.

Everyday I watch the news. But there is nothing new. I hear a lot about freedom though. I guess I heard that in America we are free to do whatever we want, even if it hurts someone else… even if we are hurting ourselves. People have such a strange perspective of what it means to be alive… or maybe they don't have a perspective at all. Maybe we are just walking through life convinced that this is how it has to be; with no real reason to hope for anything that makes sense of all this. You know, I used to wonder how in the world the common person could possibly be so confused about these issues that used to be clearly black and white, and then I watched TV. Pleasantville had it right… when color TV came, morality was put in a chokehold and got beat down.

Everyday I see protest. I watch people holding signs high over civil rights and war, taxes and party preference, while few engage in discussion about why our teenagers have access to graphic pornography. Why does it matter so much that the Ten Commandments hang on walls in our state capital, but it doesn't matter that hundreds of thousands unborn babies are put to death each year in the name of comfort and convenience? While the television networks bask in the understanding that what we want is sex, scandal and immorality, Ludicrous lifts his Grammy in the air. And while we try to prove ourselves to be the smartest generation to ever exist, we are raising a generation of children that will be missing the basic foundation for wisdom and knowledge... the fear of the Lord.

Yes, everyday I watch people running around claiming freedom for all and I wonder: when will I stop watching the world? When will I do something.

Freedom without responsibility breeds chaos.
Responsibility does not exist apart from truth.
And truth cannot exist apart from God.


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