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I Watch the World

Everyday I watch the world. Some things make me laugh. Some things make me cry. Sometimes I'm scared.

Everyday I watch the news. But there is nothing new. I hear a lot about freedom though. I guess I heard that in America we are free to do whatever we want, even if it hurts someone else… even if we are hurting ourselves. People have such a strange perspective of what it means to be alive… or maybe they don't have a perspective at all. Maybe we are just walking through life convinced that this is how it has to be; with no real reason to hope for anything that makes sense of all this. You know, I used to wonder how in the world the common person could possibly be so confused about these issues that used to be clearly black and white, and then I watched TV. Pleasantville had it right… when color TV came, morality was put in a chokehold and got beat down.

Everyday I see protest. I watch people holding signs high over civil rights and war, taxes and party preference, while few engage…

My Most Prized Possession

I'm an American. I live in the Western world and I have alot to do today. My life has become like my plate on Thanksgiving Day. My world is surrounded by expectations, commitments and obligations. I have no room for anything else.

Honestly, my world hinges on whether or not I have completed the tasks I set out to accomplish.

My world finds me in the middle. What I want and need is the most important; you come second. That's what my tv screen says...

My most prized possession is myself.

So when circumstances break you down today, I won't be stopping to help you out. I have better things to do... things for me. When you are in your hour of desperate need, I will just pass you by, look in the rearview and then go on with my life forgetting that I have just missed a most amazing opportunity to show you the love of Jesus.

Please leave me alone: I'm chasing the American Dream. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. -- It's found in the new Cadillac. I wish I could stop a…