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Practical Guide to Telling God's Story

Stories are powerful. 
Think of your favorite movie. It’s probably a good story. 
Or think about the last time you got teary eyed when you saw a commercial. It probably wasn’t because there was an affordable price on a new Toyota -- it was because they told you a compelling story. 
The last time you were moved by something you heard, it was probably a story.
The last time you belly laughed at something someone told you, it was probably a story. 
There is something about a story that connects with us in a way that nothing else does. But it’s not just that. Stories shape us -- they make us into who we are. So here's the thing: We all pass stories on to our children. The question is which story we'll pass along.
Here is a simple, practical starters guide to passing on God's story to the next generation.

Passing on stories of God’s faithfulness to our children is the best way to help them understand who God is and who they are.

I believe the most important tool for…

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